Guild Rules

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Guild Rules

Post by Poetisa on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:25 am

1 - You are expected to treat your fellow guild mates with respect at all times, remembering that we are working towards a common goal. Flaming and abuse will not be tolerated. If there is an issue that you feel needs resolving contact an officer. What you may see as great advice others may be resentful towards and the correct conduit with which to approach these matters is via an officer - Trying to bypass this conduit and share your wisdom at will has never ended well. Players getting ‘feedback’ from non-officers can not only de-rail but also spark arguments. If you have feedback, pass it onto a Officer.

2 - Our members are representatives of the guild to the outside world and we expect people to act in such a way that the guild will be looked on in a good light. We will not tolerate arrogant or abusive behaviour, flaming of other guilds or their members, troublemaking, or any other activity that would bring the guild into a bad light. Act maturely and responsibly always.

3 - The officers work hard to ensure the guild has a friendly atmosphere, and we progress as well as we can. They should be treated with respect, and in the knowledge that any issues will be resolved to the best of our abilities, even if the issues are with the officers themselves. As long as the subject is approached calmly and in an open manner no subject is taboo.

4 - Members are expected to check the forums regularly as many important announcements and information is posted here.

5 - Disrespecting the rules above might lead to officers having to consider kicking you out of the guild!

6 - Remember after all of this we are here to enjoy ourselves and it's by having fun mixed with serious play that we can achieve our best - ENJOY YOURSELVES!

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